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Remodel a Kitchen in the Right Order


When one is remodeling their kitchen, then you have to be quite vigilant and considerate. It should be done to gain the maximum efficiency with all the right appliances in the right place and good organization. It comes from your good planning skills, certainty and long term thinking. Kitchen re-modelling is a time taking process which needs your patience and credibility.

  • First of all, tear out all of the old stuff and also get rid of the wastes material which can’t be recalled.
  • Also, the demolition process should be handled very nicely, in order to save that extra penny which would be spent in getting the new materials.
  • Also, after the demolition, the after work like framing, electoral charges and plumbing should be taken care of.
  • One shouldn’t be in any kind of rush before handling all these things. This is a time taking process which needs your utmost cooperation and guidance.
  • After the inspection process, look after the walls too. One should be hanging taping and finishing the dry walls. Also don’t you forget to paint the drywall and also make the walls set for the remodeling to take place! Get expert opinions from a professional and also cooperate with your construction manager with all your prescribed demands and wishes.
  • One should install proper doors and windows. You really need these items and have the trim installed too. There shouldn’t be any little or un-formed crevices or holes there, you should be prepared well with what you want.
  • Install the cabinets. The proper set of cabinets should also be installed properly and according to the expert’s opinions too.

Quick Pointers one should take care of, when thinking about remodeling your kitchen-

  • Insulation
  • Wall board and finish
  • Install counter tops
  • Install backsplash
  • Interior trim (baseboards and shoe mound)
  • Prime and finish paint trim and finish paint walls
  • Framing (exterior windows and doors)
  • Rough plumbing and HVAC
  • Install plumbing fixtures and HVAC
  • Install appliances
  • Rough electrical
  • Install lighting and electrical trim
  • Prime wall board
  • Tile floor
  • Toe kick install
  • Counter top templates (have appliances, sink and faucet on hand)
  • Demolition
  • Install cabinets
  • Interior trim (doors and windows)

The cabinets and appliances are the biggest investment in the kitchen when thinking of remodeling. Also, you’ll have to decide about the flooring too. One should take measures about the old flowing runs underneath your cabinets, also if the flooring butts up agent the cabinet sides and all toddles down. And if in case, the flooring runs underneath, then you’ll gave some leeway for the new cabinets.

One should remember to keep the old flooring for the cost savings. This would help your new cabinets to match your old layouts. Also, replace the inexpensive countertop and pull laminate flooring while putting in toad or hardwood and also buy the new refrigerator to give the whole kitchen a very new and impressive look.

Thus, this how one take cares of their kitchen remodeling! A clear inspection of the old appliances and the re-calculation of the new things, should be done thoroughly.